I Am Anna

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Trend:  Jewel lips

Lips are covered in gold, diamonds and pearls with ultra-precious

"The lips with their soft and intensively expressive shape have always been a seductive tool. Marilyn Monroe’s are known to be red and provocative while Vermeer’s “Girl with the Pearl Earring” had red, delicate lips. Andy Warhol was obsessed with lips and he captured them in Polaroids. Lips stood out irreverently in the 1970s on posters for the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Rolling Stones’ concerts. 

But it was Dalí who took inspiration from Mae West’s lips to first offer them up in jewelry form. Perhaps as a way to pay homage to 1930s surrealism or to the global obsession with lips, jewelry designers are breaking with the clichés of classic aesthetics to create lips in pink sapphires with teeth in pearls and diamonds.” — Vogue Gioiello



Trend: “Healthy Jewels”  that cure “the ills of the soul.”

Capsules, pills and tablets in silver that even come with an informational leaflet, including dosage instructions and pharmaceutical packaging.

The jewels in Ida Callegaro’s “Life Therapy” collection aren’t symbols of that “pharmacological Calvinism” that afflicts modern generations obsessed with sedatives and antidepressants. They are good-luck charms that ward off things that scare us in a fun, direct way.